1. Places

Over 2000 places of interest, restaurants, shops, hotels etc. in and around Helsinki. Data is frequently updated by local businesses, locals and visitors alike.

2. Events

Frequently updated events from multiple cultural event organizers including concerts, sports events, museum exhibitions and many more.

3. Activities

High-quality experiences from local service providers, including for example archipelago cruises and city walking tours.

Mix and match high-quality data

The up-to-date and standardized data, edited by our content experts, ensures consistency in communicating Helsinki’s services both in Finland and abroad. MyHelsinki Open API lets you flexibly filter the data for your needs, be it coordinates, opening hours, description texts or photos of different places, events or activities.

Find data in four languages, Finnish, English, Swedish and Chinese, and filter it based on categories or distance for example. The API is designed for flexible extraction of the specific sets of data that fit your needs including text attributes and a wide variety of photo material. Open data also enables local businesses in Helsinki to gain visibility in international sales and marketing channels.

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MyHelsinki WeChat Mini program

Helsinki Marketing and Tencent have jointly created a whole new travel experience using the MyHelsinki Open API. Chinese visitors can now find the most relevant information all in Chinese, navigate their way to their desired destinations and pay with a familiar payment method, WeChat Pay. The API gets new Chinese data through Helsinki databases to ensure genuine experiences.

The mini program has been jointly developed with Tencent, Helsinki Marketing, Idean, MaaS Global, Finnair and Avaintec.



MyHelsinki.fi service is your local guide to Helsinki. All of the content is constantly updated to provide the most recent and relevant Helsinki knowledge from the locals themselves. MyHelsinki uses the same data with the MyHelsinki Open API and provides an inspirational and visual way for getting to know Helsinki. Location, event and activity data on MyHelsinki.fi can be accessed for free through MyHelsinki Open API. Learn more about MyHelsinki.